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Welcome to the BIRD Chronicles

BIRD Chronicles Volume XVII, Issue 2, Summer © 2022, ISSN 1941-3521


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BIRD Chronicles


In Loving Memory of

Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton 

(May 17, 1922 - November14, 2012)

daughter of

Jeff Augustus "GUS" BIRD

(August 16, 1893 - June 12, 1954)


 Clara Myrtle GRAY-SADLER Bird

(June 14, 1900 - December 27, 1988)

Married on

August 7, 1917



BIRD Chronicles

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Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton (1922-2012)

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Margaret Drusilla BIRD Norwood (1928-2019),  Vera Lee MARTIN Bird



BIRD Family Research

All Bird historical and genealogical research, at the present time, is being researched by certified genealogist, Terry Louis Linton, (National Association of Certified Genealogist, 1977) (Bird Family Historian, 1984) (Bird Family Historian Directory, 1984) (Bird Family Newsletter Directory, 1985) (Birdsboro 250th Anniversary Bird Family History Speaker, 1990). Check out Other Works by Terry Louis Linton. Also, genealogical researchers Patrica Marjie BIRD Bronstad, John M. O'Connell. and the late, Rita Aline PULLIAM Bird (1940-2014)


Your paid Membership Dues includes a written historical and genealogical research on any LINTON or BIRD ancestor and their aligned branches.


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Purpose Statement

The Linton Research Fund Inc., shall assist persons throughout the United States and elsewhere with the genealogy and ancestral history research of Kirk Louis Linton (1914-1987) and those other families aligned genealogically, through publications, meetings, workshops, seminars, and other educational programs; shall encourage, assist, and perform in the publication of genealogical and historical works pertaining to subjects on the surname of LINTON and aligned families, or related areas or places, connected with them; shall encourage, assist and perform in the establishing of a LINTON surname historical society, or those other family surnames which are aligned genealogically. (Linton Research Fund Inc., Bylaws)



The sixteen children of

Jeff Augustus "Gus" BIRD (1893-1954) &

Clara Myrtle GRAY (1900-1988)

Guy Edward "Eddie" BIRD (1918-1957): Earl Alford BIRD (1919-1991); Myrtle Elizabeth BIRD Dougall Holzapel (1921-1996); Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton (1922-2012) J. A. "Jeff Augustus" BIRD (1923-2015); Albert Irvin BIRD (1925-2008); Donald Milton BIRD (1926-1999); Margaret Drusilla BIRD Norwood (1928-2019); Iva Lee BIRD Bryant (1930-1993); Carlton Norris Bird (1931-2002); Franklin Delano "Buddy" BIRD (1934-2016); Frances Dell BIRD Shivers (1934-2014); Mary Louise BIRD Gill (1936); David Brewer Bird (1938-1997); Patricia "Pat" Marjie BIRD Bronstad (1941); Beatrice "Betty" Jean BIRD Jensen (1942)


Jeff Augustus “Gus” BIRD (1893-1954) & Clara Myrtle GRAY-SADLER Bird (1900-1988) Christmas 1953, the only known photo with all of their 16 children: Top row from left to right: David Brewer BIRD (1938-1997); Donald Milton BIRD (1926-1999); Guy Edward BIRD (1918-1957); Albert Irvin BIRD (1925-2008); Franklin Delano BIRD (1934-2016); Jeff Augustus BIRD Jr., (1923-2015); Earl Alford (1919-1991); Carlton Norris BIRD (1931-2002); Bottom Row Left to Right: Iva Lee BIRD Bryant (1930-1993); Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton (1922-2012); Patricia Margie BIRD Bronsted (1941); Beatrice Jean BIRD Jenson (1942); Jeff Augustus Bird (1893-1954); Clara Myrtle GRAY-SADLER Bird (1900-1988); Margaret Druslla BIRD Norwood (1928); Frances Dell BIRD Shivers (1934-2014) Mary Louise BIRD Gill (1936); Myrtle Elizabeth BIRD Dougall Holzapel (1921-1996)

Featured Articles  


William BARTRAM Jr., (1711–1770) & Elizabeth H. LOCKE (1715–1772)

4th great-grandparents of Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton (1922-2012) 




Direct BIRD Ancestral Line




Ironmaster William BIRD (1706-1761) Esquire  



Thomas BIRD Sr., (1600–1662) & Mary BELDEN (1600–1664) the just discovered “Irish emigrants” 




Three Signers of the Declaration of Independence &

One Signer of the Constitution

 In our Bird Family Tree 


Thomas Jefferson BIRD (1861-1931) was the grandfather of Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton (1922-2012).  Thomas had three signers of the Declaration of Independence, in his family tree. They were Justice James WILSON (1742-1798) and  Colonel George ROSS (1730-1779) also Chief Judge George READ (1733-1798).  





Washington's Crossing of the Delaware River

Battle of Trenton

Colonel Mark BIRD (1739-1812)



Washington Crossing the Delaware, oil painting by Emmanuel Leutze in 1851 in the Metropolitan Museum of Art



Patrick HENRY (1736–1799) Governor of Virginia

6th great-grand-uncle of Jeff Augustus "Gus" BIRD (1893-1954)

7th great-grand-uncle of Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton (1922-2012)

Patrick HENEY (1736-1799) oil painting by George Bagby Mattews (1851-1943)



Leofric (968–1057) “the Great MALET” Earl of Mercia &

Lady Godiva GODGIFU (990–1067) Countess of Mercia


28th great-grandparents of Clara Myrtle GRAY-SADLER Bird (1900-1988)

29th great-grandparents of Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton (1922-2012)

29th great-grandparents of Charles Edward LINTON (1890-1958)

30th great-grandparents of Kirk Louis LINTON 1914-1987)


Lady "Godiva" oil painting by John Collier © 1874



Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication © 1987-2022 "Digging for our Roots"

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BIRD Chronicles Editor


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What's New in the BIRD Chronicles

updated June 20 2022


SADLER Family Tree  updated June 26, 2022 

William BARTRAM (1711–1770) & Elizabeth H. LOCKE (1715–1772) 4th great-grandparents of Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton (1922-2012) new June 19, 2022

William Moss CAPPS (1575-1637) New June 7, 2022

John Henry (1620-1708) 8th great-grandfather Evelyn Virginia BIRD (1922-2012) updated June 2, 2022

Patrick HENRY (1736–1799) Governor of Virginia   8th great-granduncle of Evelyn Virginia BIRD updated June 2 2022

Ancestors of Clara Myrtle GRAY-SADLER Bird (1900-1988) updated June 1, 2022 

Carlton Norris "Buster" BIRD (1931-2002)  updated May 26, 2022 

BARTRAM Branch of the BIRD Family Tree  new May 25, 2022   

Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton Brief Lineage Heritage  updated May 25, 2022 

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