Thomas BIRD (16001662) & Mary BELDEN (16001664)

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 Thomas BIRD (1600–1662) & Mary BELDEN (1600–1664)




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Thomas BIRD Sr., (1600–1662) &  Mary BELDEN (1600–1664) the emigrants

(8th great-grandparents)

 Jeff Augustus "Gus" BIRD (1893-1954) 



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Thomas BIRD (1600-16620  was born in January 1600 in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.  In 1619, Thomas married Mary BELDEN (1600–1664) in Dublin.  Mary was born in 1600 in Hepstonstall, Yorkshire, England. In 1631, Thomas & Mary emigrated from their home in Dublin, Ireland to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in America.  Thomas died on August 10, 1662 in the Farmington Colony, in Hartford County, Connecticut. Mary died on March 3, 1664 in Farmington, Hartford County, Connecticut.


Mary BIRD (1619–1679);  Hannah BIRD (1623–1679);  Jathnell BIRD (1624–1641);  James BIRD (1631–1708); John BIRD (1631–1676);  Thomas BIRD (1637–1713);  Joseph BIRD (1638–1665).



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