Clara Myrtle GRAY-Sadler Bird (1900-1988) Family Tree

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Clara Myrtle GRAY-SADLER Bird (1900-1988)



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Clara Myrtle GRAY-SADLER (1900-1988) was born on June 14, 1900 , in Seaboard, Princess Anne County, Virginia. Clara was the daughter of George Charles Godwin GRAY (1874-?) & Lula Virginia "Ginny" WILLIAMS ( 1874-?). Clara was put up for adoption four months after she was born in the Saint Mary's Infant Home, located on Chapel Street. Clara was immediately adopted and raised by, her in-laws, Annas Nias SADLER (1859-1941) and Margaret Eddie CURLING (1862-1925) of Great Bridge, Norfolk County, Virginia.

On August 7, 1917, Clara Myrtle GRAY married Jeff Augustus "Gus" BIRD (1893-9154) the son of Thomas Jefferson BIRD (1861-1931) & Drusilla GAY (1868-1948). Clara and Jeff were married in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania., while Jeff was being processed out of the Navy, after spending eight years in service


Terry Louis Linton 1968-2017...............................................below photo: Clara Myrtle GRAY-SADLER Bird (1900-1988) in 1960


George Charles Godwin GRAY (1874-?)  &

 Virginia "Ginny" WILLIAMS (1874-?)

married in 1883 in Seaboard, Princess Anne County, Virginia.


Susie GRAY (1895-?);  Ivy Lee GRAY  Murry (1896-1930); Edward Luxford GRAY Sr. (1897-?); Bruce GRAY (1899-?) and  Clara Myrtle GRAY-SADLER Bird (1900-1988).