Direct BIRD Ancestral Line

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Welcome to the BIRD Chronicles

 Direct BIRD Ancestral Line

Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication 1987-2020 "Digging for our Roots"


Evelyn Virginia BIRD (1922-2012)

Direct BIRD Ancestral Line


Terry Louis Linton © 1968

Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication © 2019

LINTON & BIRD Chronicles Volume XV, Issue 1, Spring © 2020, ISSN 1941-3521 


John BIRD (1545–1615) & Colleen CROSSART (1550–1621) were the 10th great-grandparents of Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton (1922-2012). John was born in 1545 and died on November 13, 1615 in Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland. John was buried on November 15, 1615 in the Church of Saint John the Evangelist cemetery, Dublin, Ireland. John married Colleen on September 3, 1570 in the Church of Saint John the Evangelist, Dublin, Ireland. Colleen was born in 1550 and died on January 29, 1621 in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.


Direct BIRD Ancestral Line:


John BIRD (1545-1615) & Colleen CROSSART (1550–1621)

Andrew BIRD (1572-1642) & Elizabeth CRUMPE (1575–1637)

Thomas BIRD (1598-1662) emigrant & Mary BELDEN (1600–1664) emigrant

Thomas BIRD (1637-1713) emigrant & Catalyntje BORDT-BRADT (1638–1669)

Andrew BIRD (1657-1694) & Hannah DEMING (1656–1686)

Andrew BIRD (1673-1723) & Mary EWING (1671–1723)

Esquire William BIRD (1706-1761) Ironmaster & “Brigitte” Bridgetta HULING (1710–1792)

Colonel Mark BIRD (1739-1812) Ironmaster & Mary ROSS (1739–1790)

George BIRD Sr., (1774-1847) Martha "Patsy" ROBESON (1771–1836)

George BIRD Jr., (1821-1888) & Melinda Elizabeth CARROLL (1827–1906)

Thomas Jefferson BIRD (1861-1931) & Drusilla GAY (1868–1948)

Jeff Augustus "Gus" BIRD (1893-1954) & Clara Myrtle GRAY-SADLER (1900–1988)

Evelyn Virginia BIRD (1922-2012) & Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987)

Kenneth Edward LINTON & Terry Louis LINTON



Irish BIRD coat of arms copyright House of Names