Colonel William BIRD (1757-1812)

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Colonel William BIRD (1757-1812) (Brief Sketch)



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Colonel William BIRD (1757-1812) (Brief Sketch)


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Colonel William BIRD (1757-1812)


Colonial William BIRD (1757-1812) was the son of Esquire William BIRD (1706-1761) ironmaster & Brigitte HULING (1710–1792).  William was born on MAY 18, 1757, in the Birdsboro, Amity Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania.


On August 25, 1778, William married Julianna WOOD (1757-1779) in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania.  Julianna was born in 1757 in the Morlatton Colony, Amity Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Julianna died when giving birth to their first child, age 22 to William BIRD III  born in 1779 in Birdsboro, Amity Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Julianna was buried in the Saint Gabriel's Episcopal Church Cemetery, Morlatton, Amity Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania.


William served in the Revolutionary War as the Colonel of the 4th Regiment Light Dragoons of General George Washington’s Continental Army.


In 1781, William next married Catharine DALTON (1763-1822) at Belhaven Plantation.   Catharine was the daughter of Captain John DALTON (1702–1777) & Jemima SHAW (1702–1777). Catharine was born on October 20, 1763, at Belhaven Plantation, Cameron Run, Alexandria, Fairfax County, Virginia.


William died on December 15, 1812 at his Aviary Plantation, in Sparta, Warren County, Georgia, at age 55, and was buried there on December 19, 1812 in the Aviary Plantation Family Cemetery. Catharine died on September 15, 1822 in Sparta, Warren County Georgia, at age 58, and was buried on September 18, 1822, in Aviary Plantation Family Cemetery, Sparta, Warren County, Georgia.


William & Catharine had four known children:


i.   Emily Matilda BIRD (1783-1865) was born in 1783 at Cameron Run Plantation, Alexandria, Fairfax County, Virginia. Emily married Robert Moore CUNNINGHAM Sr. (d. July 11, 1839) on March 24, 1807 in Upson County Georgia. She died on October 15, 1865 at Rosemonte Plantation, in Laurens County, South Carolina, at age 82.


ii. Elizabeth "Eliz" BIRD (1785-?) was born in 1785 at Cameron Run Plantation, Alexandria, Fairfax County, Virginia and died in Mobile, Alabama. On January 13, 1808, Elizabeth married James LESLEY at Aviary Plantation, Sparta, Warren County, Georgia. Elizabeth next married Thomas CASEY in 1808 in Mobile, Alabama.


iii. James Wilson BIRD (1787-1868)  was born on March 4, 1787, at Brayson Mansion, Cameron Run, Alexandria, Fairfax County, Virginia.  On February 1, 1820, James married Frances Pamela CASEY (1789-1855) in Warren County, Georgia. James died on November 26, 1868 in Sparta, Hancock County, Georgia at age 81.


iv  Ariana BIRD (1789-1837)  was born in 1789 at Brayson Mansion, Cameron Run, Alexandria, Fairfax County, Virginia.  On January 13, 1808, Ariana married James LESLEY. Ariana next married Doctor Thomas CASEY, on October 6, 1814.  Ariana died on July 1, 1837, in Sparta, Hancock County, Georgia at age 48.


below illustration: Ironmaster William BIRD's (1706-1761) “Bird Mansion” illustration by J. B. Bradly, 1987. Willian was born in his fathers dwelling house in Birdsboro on May 18, 1757.