Two different LINTON Family Root Trees

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The Quaker LINTON's of Pennsylvania & The Virginia LINTON's



Two different LINTON Family Root Trees

Charles “Charlie” Edward LINTON (1890-1954) & Annie Lucretia CRONK (1888-1956)


Terry Louis Linton © 1995

The Virginia Lintons (Brief Historical Sketch)  (book, Terry L. Linton, © 1995)  (Linton Research Fund, Inc., Publication © 1995) (printed in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. USA.)

LINTON & BIRD Chronicles Volume III, Issue 3, Fall © 2008 ISSN 1941-3521



The Quaker LINTON's of Pennsylvania



Charles Edward Linton (1890-1958) the father of Kirk Louis Linton (1914-1987), on December 1, 1909, married Annie Lucretia CRONK (1888-1956) in Alexandria, Virginia. Charles’ LINTON family roots springs from the  from the Bucks County, Pennsylvanian Quakers. Charles’ 3rd great-grandfather, master carpenter, Quaker emigrant, John LINTON (1661-1709), who's, family immigrated from London, England to America on board the ship CANTERBURY, with William Penn. They landed at Newcastle, Delaware in November 1699. Then they landed in Philadelphia Harbor on December 10, 1699.


John LINTON (1662-1709) the emigrant’s, family roots springs from Linton Tower, Parish Linton, Roxurghshire, Scotland and Lord William II de SOMERVILLE Baron Lintone (1150-1194) the slayer of the Parish Lintone Dragon in 1174.



The Virginia LINTON's



Annie Lucretia CRONK's (1888-1956), Linton Family Roots springs from the Virginia Lintons. Annie was the great-granddaughter of Peter MILLS (1800-1855) and Cyntharine "Cynthia" LINTON ( 1796-1865) of Lintonsford Plantation, Prince William County, Virginia.

Cyntharine "Cynthia" LINTON’s (1796-1865) family roots springs Annie's 13th great-grandfather John LINTON Esquire (1445-?) form Olde Wynkill, Linton, Barton-under-Needwood, County Staffordshire, England.


Charles "Charlie" Edward LINTON (1890-1958) and Annie Lucretia CRONK Linton (1888-1956), in 1951 setting in the living room of their daughter, Florence Avis LINTON Beavers (1912-1990). (Photo taken by Florence)

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Below Photo: Charles "Charlie" Edward LINTON (1890-1958) and Annie Lucretia CRONK Linton (1888-1956) on an "Outing in 1930". This photo taken by either Florence Avis LINTON Beavers (1912-1990)  or Madeline "Madge" Elizabeth LINTON Bly (1922-1991)  (and, yes they did cut off Charley's hat and Annie's feet, not me.)