Madeline "Madge" Elizabeth LINTON Bly (1922-1991)

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Welcome to the Madeline "Madge" Elizabeth LINTON Bly (1922-1991) Project

Madeline "Madge" Elizabeth LINTON (1922-1991)

& Clyde Branson BLY (1922-1994)

(Brief Historical Sketch)



Terry Louis Linton © 1999

(first published) Linton Family History (Descendants of Sir Arthur Linton 1614-1662) (book, Terry Louis Linton © 1999.) (Linton Research Fund, Inc., Publication © 1999) (printed in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. USA.)

Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication © 1999

LINTON & BIRD Chronicles, Volume VI, Issue 3, Fall © 2011, ISSN 1941-3521


Madeline "Madge" Elizabeth LINTON (1922-1991) was the seventh child of Charles "Charlie" Edward LINTON (1890-1958) & Annie Lucretia CRONK 1888-1956).  Madge was born on August 29, 1922 in the  John Edward LINTON (1839-1901)  Family farm house. [i]

The Linton farm house was located just south of Hunter's Station on the Washington, Alexandria and Mount Vernon Railway in the Mount Vernon District, of Fairfax County, Virginia. Madge was born in the front west second floor bedroom. The farm house faced north with its "driveway" was in the back yard, off of the old Linton Springs road than ran from the springs to Fort Hunt. [ii] Madge was delivered by "Aunt" Annie Mae Young, a Negro Mid-Wife, living on present day, Parker's Lane. [iii] The Linton farmhouse was located on present day LINTON Lane, just south of the old Hunter's Station which was located at the corner of present day Wittington Blvd and present day Elkins Street. The main part of John Edward Linton's farm, is now the location of Fort Hunt Elementary School.

Madge was christened in late 1922, in the Washington Street Methodist Church, Alexandria, Virginia. Madge's mother, Annie took her children to Sunday School there for many years. [iv]

According to the April 10, 1930, United States Federal Census, District 8, by C. B. Cross, Mount Vernon Magistrature District, Fairfax County, Virginia. Name, Charlie Edward Linton. Home in 1930, Mount Vernon, Fairfax County, Virginia; Age: 39; Estimated Birth Year about 1891; Birthplace, Virginia; Relation to Head of House, Head; Spouse's Name, Annie Linton; Race, White; Citizenship, yes; Occupation, Brakeman Railroad; Education, can read and write; Military Service, No; Rent/home value of $3,000, own farm; Age at first marriage, 19; Parents' birthplace, father in PA, mother in MD; Household Members, Name and Age at last birthday, Charlie E. Linton age 39, head, Annie Linton age 40, keeping house; Kirk L. Linton age16, son; Theodore F. Linton age 12, son ; Bernadette Linton age 9, daughter ; Madeline Linton age 7, daughter. Neighbors head of family, Robert Dodson, George Phillips, Silas Belfield, Sam Lindsey, James M. Liptrap, James Beavers, James W. Beavers born 1874, Wilbert T. Brown, Louise Baily. [v]

Madge was educated between 1931 and 1936 in the old two room Snowden Elementary School on Pointe Road, now known as Fort Hunt Road between present day Cedar Dale Lane and Chadwick Avenue, near Collingwood Road. Madge's teacher was Mildred Lozano 'Aggie" Finks. This was the same school house where her father Charles, went to school with teacher, Miss Kate Snowden. [vi] The Snowden School was named for the Stacy Snowden, the Quaker family who gave the land for its construction in 1870. It was a one-room school at first, with a pot-bellied stove, oiled wood floors, a well, and a "necessary" house outside. In 1917-18, a second room was added. [vii] Madge went to Groveton Jr. High School in 1936-1937. She graduated on June 6, 1939, from Lee-Jackson High School, Cameron Run, Alexandria, Fairfax County, Virginia. [viii] Madge after high school graduation, went to work at the Hot Shop, in Alexandria, Virginia.

Early in 1941, Madge's sister, Bernie went to work at the Navy Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia. Madge with her sister's help landed a job at the factory in late 1941. "The Torpedo Factory was part of the U.S. Naval Torpedo Station. The factory produced the Mark XIV, a submarine borne torpedo, and the Mark III aircraft torpedo. They were produced at an intense rate in fact, men and women worked around the clock and were given only two days off a year. Gradually as space was needed, ten additional buildings were added to the complex." [ix]


Madeline Elizabeth LINTON (1922-1991) married Clyde Branson BLY (1922-1994) the son of Anthony BLY (1900-1923) and Mary Ellen SAGER (1901-1986). Clyde was born on September 15, 1921 in Strasburg, Shenandoah County, Virginia. [x] Clyde's father died two years later in 1923.

Madge & Clyde were married on December 22, 1941, fifteen days after Pearl Harbor and the United States interned into World War II. Madge & Clyde were married by Revert Freeley Rohrer at his church office, located at 1121 East Capital Street in Washington, District of Columbia. [xi]

According to the 1930 United States Federal Census about Clyde Bronson BLY. By 1930, Clyde's widow mother had remarried Earl L. ROW. The family was now living in Davis, Shenandoah County, Virginia. Clyde was age 8 and estimated Birth Year was about 1922, and his birthplace was listed as Virginia. Relation to Head of House, Son, Father's Name was Earl L. Grow, Mother's Name was Marry E Grow. Clyde's father was listed as white, occupation was a farmer, education he could read and write with no military service. They rented the farm and dwelling, Earl's parents were born in West Virginia. Household members were listed as Earl L. Grow, age 32, head; Marry E. Grow, age 28, keeping house; Clyde B. Bly, age 8, son; Ralph L. Grow age 4, son; Lenard B. Grow age 3 son; Mary F. Grow, age 9/12, daughter.

Clyde was drafted into Military and was assigned to the US Army at Fort George Meade in Maryland. Clyde was listed as being born in 1921, Nativity of Virginia, single and living in Arlington County, Virginia and education Grammar school. After leaving Fort George Meade, Clyde was assigned to Biloxi, Mississippi where Madge joined him there. On May 25, 1944, the U. S. Army Draft Enlistment Board listed Clyde as no branch assignment, grade Private, education Grammar school, occupation Locomotive Fireman, without dependents. [xii]

Clyde's father-in-law, Charlie Edward LINTON, had already helped his two sons, Kirk and Ted find employment at the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad, were he had been a brakeman since 1916. Clyde became a railroad fireman for the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad, working out of Potomac Yard, in Alexandria, Virginia and retired from there. After retirement they moved to Edinburg, Shenandoah County, Virginia. [xiii]

After returning from Mississippi, Clyde and Madge moved into the Linton Family Farm House with Madge's parents. When one of the tenant farmhouses became available, Clyde and Madge started renting the dwelling from their parents. This Linton tenant farmhouse was located on the old Linton Springs Road which ran from the Linton springs to Fort Hunt. This farmhouse had a long history in the Fairfax County Court records with tenant farmers working on the 172 acre John Edward LINTON Farm. The house was built by Madeline's granduncle, Architect, Francis "Frank" Charles LINTON (1844-1911). Helping in the construction was Madge's grandfather, John Edward LINTON (1839-1901), Joseph G. Harper (1841-?) and his sons also Madge's young father Charles. [xiv]

On September 7, 1946, Charles and Annie LINTON deeded to Clyde and Madge, for the sum of ten dollars and other good and valuable consideration, with cash in hand paid do grant, bargain, sell & convey with a general warranty of title as joint tenants with common law right of supervisionship of all of that parcel of land with all improvements and appurtenances, containing one acre of land as survey by W.N. Ridgeway. Beginning at a iron pipe at the intersection of west line of public road which runs along the east line of the Linton property and the outlet road which runs through the property of Charles Edward Linton's land from the public road to the land of Doctor A.O. Bliss. [xv]

Children from this marriage were:


i. Anthony Clyde BLY was born on December 21, 1947 in Alexandria, Virginia.

ii. Garry Wayne BLY was born on May 9, 1949 in Alexandria, Virginia.

iii. Elizabeth Ann "Betty" BLY was born on December 16, 1957 in Alexandria, Virginia.

Madeline "Madge" Elizabeth LINTON Bly died on December 17, 1991 in Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia. at age 69, and was buried on December 20, 1991 in Sunset View Memorial Gardens, Woodstock, Shenandoah County, Virginia. Clyde died on December 12, 1994 in Edinburg, Shenandoah County, Virginia, at age 73, and was buried in December 1994 in Woodstock, Sunset View Memorial Gardens.


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Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication © 1999

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