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THROCKMORTON Branch of the LINTON & BIRD Family Tree

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Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication 1987-2023 "Digging for our Roots"

Gervaise de THROCKMORTON (1080-1135) Sir Knight

LINTON & BIRD Common Ancestor


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Sir Knight Gervaise de THROCKMORTON (1080-1135) was the 24th great-grandfather of Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987) and in the line of Drusilla GAY (1868-1948) the  grandmother  of Evelyn Virginia BIRD (1922-2012) making him the 23rd  great-grandfather of Evelyn.

In 1578, Goditha THROCKMORTON (1520-?) the 10th great-grandaunt of Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987), married John NEALE (1550-1610) in Higham Ferrers, Northamptenshire, England. Goditha was the daughter of Richard THROCKMORTON (1469-1547) & Joan BEAUFO (1470-?). Goditha was, also, the 9th great-grandmother of Drusilla GAY and 11th great-grandmother of Evelyn Virginia BIRD (1922-2012). When Kirk married Evelyn, they were 12th cousins, 366 years before they were married.

Sir Knight Gervaise de THROCKMORTON (1080-1135) was born in 1080 and died in 1135, both in Throckmorton, Fladbury, Warwickshire, England.

Throckmorton is a small village and civil parish in the Wychavon, in the county of Worcestershire, England. It is sited on the banks of the River Avon, the village lies 3.5 miles northeast of Pershore, five miles north-west of Evesham and 9 miles southeast of the city of Worcester.


Moriarty, G. Andrews. "Evidences on Throckmorton Family." New England Historical and Genealogical Register 98:111


Direct ancestral linage:

Gervaise de THROCKMORTON (1080-1135) Sir Knight

Osmund de THROCKMORTON (1110-1154) & Felicia de WARWICK (1123–1200)

Henry de THROCKMORTON (1150-1205) & Genevie (1155-?) 

Robert de THROCKMORTON (1172-?) Maria MASON (1175–1225)

Adam de THROCKMORTON (1212-1246) & Matilda De DERSINTON (1215–1276)

Robert de THROCKMORTON (1231-1306) & Prudence de COMPTON (1235–?)

Simon de THROCKMORTON (1251-1315) & Isabel de DONESLY (1255–?)

Robert de THROCKMORTON (1271-1335) & Joan de WESTON (1282–1315)

Gilles THROCKMORTON (1309-1348) & Agnes FRAUNCEYS (1314–1390)

Robert de THROCKMORTON (1335-1362) & Lucie COLEMAN (1334–1361)

Thomas de THROCKMORTON (1355-1412) Knight of the Shire & Agnes de BESFORD (1350–1428)

John de THROCKMORTON 1380-1445) Sir knight & Eleanor de la SPINETO (1384–1466)

John de THROCKMORTON (1408-1472) & Isabel BRUGGE (1415–1461)

Richard THROCKMORTON (1469-1547) & Joanna BEAUFO-Beaufeu (1470–1540)

Mary THROCKMORTON (1535-1600) & John BUTLER I (1535–1613) Sir knight, Lord Tofte 

John BUTLER II (1557-1613) & Cressitt SAINT JOHN (1570–1612)

John BUTLER III, (1589-1654) Sea captain, emigrant & Jane ELLIOTT (1576–1667) emigrant

John BUTLER IV (1600-1642) emigrant & Elizabeth HARRIS (1602–1646) emigrant

Elizabeth BUTLER (1634-1698) & Thomas STONESTREET Sr., (1630–17060 emigrant

Thomas STONESTREET Jr., (1672-1771) & Christian BARNES (1672–1737)

Butler STONESTREET (1703-1755) & Jane EDELEN (1718–1770)

Adjutant General Henry STONESTREET (1752-1812) & Mary Noble EDELEN (1753–1818)

Doctor Joseph Noble STONESTREET (1782-1838) & Rosalie "Rosey" Ann EDELEN (1786–1834)

Doctor Edward Noble STONESTREET (1822-1890) & Sarah Ann "Sally" FENMOR (1824–1870)

Sallie Fenmor STONESTREET (1861-1926) & John Edward LINTON (1838–1901)

Charles "Charlie" Edward LINTON (1890-1958) & Annie Lucretia CRONK (1888–1956)

Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987) & Evelyn Virginia BIRD (1922-2012)

25th great-grandfather of Kenneth “Ken” Edward LINTON & Terry Louis LINTON

Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication © 1994 laughing  



Throckmorton coat of arms copyright House Of Names

According to Dictionary of American Family Names 2nd edition, 2022,  the Throckmorton name meaning is English and is habitational name from Throckmorton in Worcestershire.  

Throckmorton is a name of ancient Anglo-Saxon origin and comes from the family once having lived in Throckmorton (Throckmorten) in Worcestershire. The village dates-back to 1176, when it was first listed as Trochemerton and possibly meant "farmstead by a pool with a beam bridge," from the Old English words "troc" + "mere" + "tun." ‘enclosure’, ‘settlement’.

The surname Throckmorton was first found in Worcestershire at Throckmorton, a chapelry, in the parish of Fladbury, union of Pershore, Middle division of the hundred of Oswaldslow "where John de Trockemerton, was living about the year 1200. From this John descended, after many generations, another 'John Throkmerton,' who was according to Leland, 'the first settler up of his name to any worship in Throckmerton village."

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