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LINTON Chronicles

EDELEN Branch of the LINTON Family Tree 

Ancestors of Sallie Fenmor STONESTREET (1861-1926)

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Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication 1987-2023 "Digging for our Roots"

EDELEN Branch of the LINTON Family Tree

Ansestors of

Rosalie "Rosey" Ann EDELEN (1786–1834)

great-grandmother of Charles "Charlie" Edward LINTON (1890-1958)

2nd great-grandmother of Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987)


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Rosalie "Rosey" Ann EDELEN (1786–1834) was the grandmother of Sallie Fenmor STONESTREET (1861-1926) and the great-grandmother of Charles “Charlie” Edward LINTON (1890-1958) and the 2nd great-grandmother of Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987). Rosey’ was the 11th great granddaughter of William EDELEN (1365-1426) of Arsenal, London, England. Rosey’ 2nd great-grandfather, Richard EDELEN (1639-1694) emigrated from London, Middlesex, England to Saint Mary’s, Saint Mary's County, Maryland in February, 1664. 

Rosalie "Rosey" Ann EDELEN (1786–1834) was the daughter of Edward EDELEN Jr., (1752–1834) & Eleanor BOARMAN (1755–1834).  Rosey was born in 1786 in Newport Hundred, Charles County, Maryland and died in 1834 in Allens Freshs, Charles County, Maryland. 

Rosey married Doctor Joseph Noble STONESTREET (1782–1838) in 1806 in Charles County, Maryland.  Joseph was a twin the son of Adjutant General Henry STONESTREET (1752–1812) & Mary Noble EDELEN (1753–1818).  Joseph & Nicolas were born September 20, 1782 at their father’s Cornwallis Neck Plantation, Allen Freshs, Charles County, Maryland. They were born into the Catholic faith.

Joseph graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1805 with a medical degree. He joined the Maryland State Militia and served in the War of 1812 with his twin brother captain (later colonel) Nicolas STONESTREET.  Their father had been the Adjutant General of the Maryland State Militia before and during the Revolutionary War and was a regular dinner guest before the war at General George WASHINGTON’s Mount Vernon.

According to the 1810 Census engaged in Agriculture tobacco farming, with seven non-white and four slaves working his plantation.

According to the August 7, 1820 Census, Joseph was engaged in Agriculture tobacco farming, with twenty-four slaves and two free colored persons working his plantation located in Election District 3, Allens Freshs, Charles County, Maryland.

Joseph died on December 20, 1838, at Allens Freshs, Charles County, Maryland. His will was probated on December 10, 1839 and sill in probate on 14 Sep 1841.


Rosey & Joseph had eight known children:

James Noble STONESTREET (1810–1890); Mary Eleanor "Ellen" STONESTREET (1814–1882); Sister Mary Philomena STONESTREET (1818–1867); Nicholas Edward STONESTREET (1818–1890); Catherine STONESTREET (1820–1848); Reverent Charles Henry STONESTREET (1821–?); Doctor Edward Noble STONESTREET (1822–1890); Joseph Nicholas STONESTREET (1827–?).


Direct Ancestral Line:

William EDELEN (1365-1426) & Mary (1367-?)

John EDELEN (1399-1457) & Margaret (1400-?)

Jacquet EDELEN (1418-1478) & Catherine de COURTENEY (1420–?)

Richard EDELEN (1455-1517) & Isabella de FINSBURY (1458–1518) Lady

Thomas EDELEN (1480-1540) Sir knight & Mary Anne WYATT (1480–1540) Lady

Roger William EDELEN (1500-1559) Sir knight & Joan READINGE (1500–1601) Lady

Richard EDELEN (1534-1618) Sir Knight & Joane REDDING (1535–1616)

Reverent Phillip EDELEN Sr., (1573-1616) & Katherine BREWSTER (1570–1616)

Reverent Phillip EDELEN Jr., (1592-1657) & Catherine OFFLEY (1605–1639)

Richard EDELEN (1639-1694) & Elizabeth BLANTON (1639–1694) emigrants

Christopher EDELEN Sr., (1682-1771) & Jane JONES (1692–1772)

Jane EDELEN (1718-1770) & Butler STONESTREET (1703–1755)

Edward EDELEN Jr., (1752–1834) & Eleanor BOARMAN (1755–1834)

Rosalie "Rosey" Ann EDELEN (1786–1834)Doctor Joseph Noble STONESTREET (1782–1838) 

Doctor Edward Noble STONESTREET (1822-1890) & Sarah Ann "Sally" FENMOR (1824–1870)

Sallie Fenmor STONESTREET (1861-1926) & John Edward LINTON (1838–1901)

Charles "Charlie" Edward LINTON (1890-1958) & Annie Lucretia CRONK (1888-1956)

Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987)  & Evelyn Virginia BIRD (1922-2023)

16th great-grandparents of Kenneth Edward LINTON & Terry Louis LINTON


English Edelen coat of arms copyright House Of Names.

According to the House Of Names:  This German surname of EDELEN was originally derived from the Old German word EDEL meaning nobel. In the Middle Ages this was a term applied to the lowest order of free citizen, ranking below the nobility and knightly class, but above the masses of the servile population.

The surname Edelen was first found in Bavaria, where the name was anciently associated with the tribal conflicts of the area. They declared allegiances to many nobles and princes of early history, lending their influence in struggles for power and status within the region. They branched into many houses, and their contributions were sought by many leaders in their search for power.


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