Hugh Orlando BIRD (1890-1964)

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Hugh Orlando BIRD (1890-1964) project

From right to left, Guy Rowland BIRD (1898-1949) sitting Thomas Jefferson Bird (1861-1931); standing back row Gertrude "Gertie" (1887- 1912); Hugh Orlando BIRD (1890-1964); front row Jeff “Gus” Augustus BIRD (1893-1954); Albert BIRD (1889-1908); Harriet "Hattie" Melinda (1898-1949) sitting on Drusilla Gay Bird (1868-1948) Photo taken in 1898 of the new twins in Birdsville, Fort Worth, Texas. Thanks for the help in identifying all the BIRD’s in this photo. The identifiers were great-Aunt Ora Gail MARTIN Bird (1916-2010); Frances Gail BIRD Crooks; great Aunt Drusilla Gay Bird O'Connell (1905-1991); John Martin O'Connell; Margaret Drusilla BIRD Norwood and Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton.

Hugh Orlando BIRD (1890-1964)

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Hugh Orlando BIRD (1890-1964) was born on March 9, 1890, in Birdville, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. Hugh was the 6th child of Thomas Jefferson BIRD (1861-1931) & Drusilla GAY (1868-1948).  Hugh on October 1, 1924, married Katherine Augustine VILLROT (1903-1982). Katherine was born February 13, 1903, in Dallas County, Texas. Katherine was the daughter of  Virginia Emma (February 1864 - January 16, 1960) & Joseph Leon VILLROT (October 1858 - August 27, 1927) both born in France.


Hugh died on September 15, 1964 and Katherine died on June 9, 1982, both in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. Both Hugh & Katherine are buried in the Garden of the Rosary Section, of Mount Olivet Cemetery, in Fort Worth, Texas.


Hugh & Katherine had four children:


Hugh Leon BIRD (February 4, 1925 - July 12, 2001);  Melvin Leroy BIRD Williams (January 26, 1931 - November 25, 1997); Bobby Ray BIRD (January 1, 1932 -March 6, 2004); Melba Jean BIRD Boyles (February 22, 1936 - August 26, 1997).


Hugh was the brother of Jeff Augustus "Gus" BIRD (1893-1954) and the 12th cousin of Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987)

Below: The surviving children of Thomas Jefferson BIRD (1861-1931) & Drusilla GAY (1868-1948) in 1948; Thomas & Drusilla had fifteen children. From left to right top row: Pastor John "Johnny" William BIRD (1907-1959); Sargeant Richard "Dick" Bruno BIRD (1910-1979); Pastor Frank Lafayette BIRD (1913-1994); Harriet "Hattie" Melinda BIRD Howard (1898-1990); Thomas Jefferson BIRD Jr., (1899-1969) (Thomas & Drusilla’s first son was named Thomas Jefferson also, he was born and died in 1884). Second row from left to right: Jeff August "Gus" BIRD (1983-1954); Drusilla Gay BIRD O'Connell (1905-1991); Hugh Orlando BIRD (1890-1964) and Guy Rowland BIRD (1889-1949). Photo taken in February 1948, when their mother Drusilla died. Photo by Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton.

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