William Moss CAPPS (1575-1637) emigrant, Sea Captain

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Sea Captain William Moss CAPPS (1575-1637) emigrant



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Sea Captain William Moss CAPPS (1575-1637) emigrant

 Katheryn Feringham JERNEGAN-JERMINGHAM (1585–1629)

7th Great-grandparents of Clara Myrtle GRAY-SADLER Bird (1900-1988)


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William Moss CAPPS (1575-1637) was the son of John William CAPPS (1545–1599) & Mary Ann MOSS (1550–1616). William was born in Norwich, Norfolk, England and died in 1637 in Kecoughtan, Elizabeth City Settlement, Virginia.

William married Katheryn Feringham JERNEGAN-JERMINGHAM (1585–1629) on December 11, 1596, at Saint Michael at Plea in Norwich, Norfolk, England. Katheryn was the daughter of Walter JERNIGAN -JERNEGAN (1550–1600) & Anne JENNYS (1555–1620).


William & Katheryn had six known children:

Anne CAPPS (1604–?); Frances CAPPS (1606–?); Willoughby CAPPS (1609–1666); Henry CAPPS (1609–?); William Moss CAPPS (1617–1665); Thomas CAPPS (1624–1670).


Direct ancestral linage:

Thomas CAPPS (1450-1490) of Cave

John Capps 1475-1500) of Martham

John CAPPS (1500-158span style="font-family: 'comic sans ms', sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;">John CAPPS (1500-1583) of Strumpshaw

William CAPPS (1525-1610) of Acle

John William CAPPS (1545-1599) of Acle

Sea Captain William Moss CAPPS (1575-1637) emigrant from Norwich, Norfolk, England.

William Moss CAPPS (1617-1665)

Henry CAPPS (1655-1688)

Dennis CAPPS Sr., (1678-1749)

Dennis CAPPS Jr., (1710-1795)

Ira CAPPS Sr., (1777-1845)

Ira CAPPS Jr., (1802-1881)

Sarah "Salley" Frances CAPPS (1846-1943)

Lula Virginia "Jennie" WILLIAMS (1873-1935)

Clara Myrtle GRAY-SADLER Bird (1900-1988)

Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton (1922-2012)

Kenneth Edward LINTON & Terry Louis LINTON