Clara Myrtle GRAY Bird (1900-1988)

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Relationships to Clara Myrtle GRAY

Terry Louis Linton © 2009

Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication © 2009

Produced by Legacy on May 28, 2009

Name                              Relationship

ALLAN, Ruby Mildred Mother of Daughter-in-law

ANDERSON, Fannie Mable Mother of Daughter-in-law

ARMSTRONG, Garth Ansel Great-Grandson

ARMSTRONG, Gretchen Lorene Great-Granddaughter

ARMSTRONG, William Ronald Husband of Granddaughter

BAILEY, Olna Mother of Son-in-law

BAKER, Sheila Denise Wife of Grandson

BARTAY, Heather L. Wife of Grandson

BARTLETT, Jack Sr. Husband of Sister-in-law

BIRD, Alan Ray Grandson

BIRD, Albert Brother-in-law

BIRD, Albert Irvin Son

BIRD, Allie Kristina Great-Granddaughter

BIRD, Annabel Sister-in-law

BIRD, Ashliegh Bryanna Great-Granddaughter

BIRD, Beatrice Jean "Betty" Daughter

BIRD, Benjamin David 2nd Great-Grandson

BIRD, Bonnie Lee 2nd Great-Granddaughter

BIRD, Caitlyn Shae Great-Granddaughter

BIRD, Carlton Norris Son

BIRD, Cassidy Rae Great-Granddaughter

BIRD, Celeste Great-Granddaughter

BIRD, Charles Edward Grandson

BIRD, Cheryl Marie Great-Granddaughter

BIRD, Daniel Ray Grandson

BIRD, David Brewer Son

BIRD, David Ray Great-Grandson

BIRD, Deanne Renal Great-Granddaughter

BIRD, Donald Milton Son

BIRD, Drusilla Gay Sister-in-law

BIRD, Dustin Aubrey Great-Grandson

BIRD, Earl Alford Son

BIRD, Edward Marshall Grandson

BIRD, Evelyn Louise Granddaughter

BIRD, Evelyn Virginia Daughter

BIRD, Frances Dell Daughter

BIRD, Frank Lafayette Sr. Brother-in-law

BIRD, Franklin Delano Son

BIRD, Gertrude Sister-in-law

BIRD, Gus Jefferson Brother-in-law

BIRD, Guy Edward Son

BIRD, Guy Edward Grandson

BIRD, Guy Rowland Brother-in-law

BIRD, Harriet Melinda Sister-in-law

BIRD, Hugh Orlando Brother-in-law

BIRD, Iva Lee Daughter

BIRD, Jaime Rolland Grandson

BIRD, James Allen Grandson

BIRD, Jan Elizabeth Granddaughter

BIRD, Jeff Augustus Husband

BIRD, Jeff Augustus Son

BIRD, Jennifer Michelle Great-Granddaughter

BIRD, John Alan Great-Grandson

BIRD, John William Sr. (Reverent ) Brother-in-law

BIRD, Jolynn Great-Granddaughter

BIRD, Joyce Ann Granddaughter

BIRD, Kenneth Dean Grandson

BIRD, Kenneth Gerrard Great-Grandson

BIRD, Kimberly Erin Great-Granddaughter

BIRD, Kristina Renae Great-Granddaughter

BIRD, Lane 2nd Great-Grandson

BIRD, Lily Beth 2nd Great-Granddaughter

BIRD, Lisa Ann Great-Granddaughter

BIRD, Margaret Ann Granddaughter

BIRD, Margaret Drusilla Daughter

BIRD, Mark Duane Grandson

BIRD, Mary Louise Daughter

BIRD, Michael Andrew Grandson

BIRD, Michael David Grandson

BIRD, Myrtle Elizabeth Daughter

BIRD, Patricia Margie Daughter

BIRD, Penny Renea Granddaughter

BIRD, Randall Brian Grandson

BIRD, Richard Bruno Brother-in-law

BIRD, Robert Brother-in-law

BIRD, Sean Russell Great-Grandson

BIRD, Shannon Marie Great-Granddaughter

BIRD, Susie Sister-in-law

BIRD, Tamara Fae Great-Granddaughter

BIRD, Thomas Jefferson II Brother-in-law

BIRD, Thomas Jefferson Father-in-law

BIRD, Timothy James Great-Grandson

BIRD, Timothy Preston Grandson

BLACKWELL, Karol Wife of Great-Grandson

BLANCHARD, Sarah Myrtle Mother of Daughter-in-law

BOND, Jennifer Lynn Wife of Grandson

BOSILLO, Holly Beth Wife of Grandson

BOURLAND, Diane Marie Wife of Grandson

BOWMAN, Paulette Michelle Wife of Great-Grandson

BREWER, Amy Marie Great-Granddaughter

BREWER, David Andrew Great-Grandson

BREWER, Deborah Ann Great-Granddaughter

BREWER, Devin Elliott 2nd Great-Grandson

BREWER, Ervin Junior Husband of Granddaughter

BREWER, Michael Bryan 2nd Great-Grandson

BREWER, Michael Lynn Great-Grandson

BREWER, Michele Lee Great-Granddaughter

BREWER, Patrick Ervin Great-Grandson

BREWER, Ricky Dale Great-Grandson

BREWER, Stacy Lynn 2nd Great-Granddaughter

BRINKLEY, Apryl Elizabeth Great-Granddaughter

BRINKLEY, Carl Edward Husband of Granddaughter

BRONSTAD, Clyde Pernell Father of Son-in-law

BRONSTAD, Gilbert Walton Son-in-law

BRONSTAD, Katherine Olivia Granddaughter

BRONSTAD, Laura Kristina Granddaughter

BRONSTAD, Philip Matthew Grandson

BROWN, Emmie Marie Daughter-in-law

BROWN, Walter Otis Father of Daughter-in-law

BRUMBALOW, Bryan Gene 2nd Great-Grandson

BRUMBALOW, Edgar Husband of Great-Granddaughter

BRYANT, Carolyn Elizabeth Granddaughter

BRYANT, Eijah Father of Son-in-law

BRYANT, Richard Frank Son-in-law

CAPPS, Charles W. Granduncle

CAPPS, Ira Jr. Great-Grandfather

CAPPS, Ira Sr. 2nd Great-Grandfather

CAPPS, Ira Virginias Granduncle

CAPPS, James N. Granduncle

CAPPS, John Granduncle

CAPPS, John B. 1st cousin once removed

CAPPS, Lilly M. 1st cousin once removed

CAPPS, Mary E. 1st cousin once removed

CAPPS, Sarah A. 1st cousin once removed

CAPPS, Sarah A. Grandmother

CAPPS, Walter 1st cousin once removed

CAPPS, William W. 1st cousin once removed

CARTER, Matilda 2nd Great-Grandmother

CEARLEY, Megan Ann 2nd Great-Granddaughter

CEARLEY, Robert Andrew III 2nd Great-Grandson

CEARLEY, Robert Andrew II Husband of Great-Granddaughter

CHAPMEN, Vinin Wife of Uncle

CHAPPELL, Clude Lee Husband of Granddaughter

CHAPPELL, Gladella Faye Great-Granddaughter

CHAPPELL, Misty Ann Great-Granddaughter

CLAY, Roy Husband of Niece

CLEARY, Karen Lynn Great-Granddaughter

CLEARY, Richard L. Husband of Granddaughter

CLECKLER, L. N. Husband of Sister-in-law

COPPS, Lovey E. Wife of 1st cousin once removed

COPPS, Viola L. 2nd Cousin

CRAWFORD, Judith 4th Great-Grandmother

CRONK, Annie Lucretia Mother of Son-in-law

CURLING, Edmond (adopted) Grandfather

CURLING, Margaret Eddie (adopted) Mother

CUSTIS, Sadie Wife of Uncle

DICKERSON, Elizabeth Irby 5th Great-Grandmother

DOUGALL, Robert Earl Jr. (Lt. Colonel ) Son-in-law

DOUGALL, Robert Earl Sr. Father of Son-in-law

DOUGALL, Shelley Anne Holzapfel Granddaughter

DYLK, Peter Husband of Aunt

EATON, Tully V. Husband of 2nd Cousin

EMBERSON, Eldridge Great-Granduncle

EMBERSON, Elijah Great-Granduncle

EMBERSON, Eliza Jane Great-Grandmother

EMBERSON, John Great-Granduncle

EMBERSON, John 2nd Great-Grandfather

EMBERSON, Rebecca Ann Great-Grandaunt

EMERSON, Hezekiah 3rd Great-Grandfather

EMMONS, Carl Kevin Grandson

EMMONS, James Edward III Grandson

EMMONS, Jan Andrew Great-Grandson

EMMONS, Jani Marie Great-Granddaughter

EMMONS, Justin Michael Great-Grandson

EMMONS, Laverne Brandy Granddaughter

EMMONS, Troy Wade Grandson

ETHERIDGE, Ethel Meredith Sister-in-law

FERRILL, Mary F. Wife of Granduncle

FRANK, Catherine Lynne Wife of Grandson

GARBETT, Clare Alexandra Wife of Grandson

GAY, Drusilla Mother-in-law

GAYLER, Bettye June Daughter-in-law

GILL, Hurley Clendon Father of Son-in-law

GILL, Ian Kingsley Great-Grandson

GILL, Jeff Martin Grandson

GILL, Jezzalie Avery Great-Granddaughter

GILL, Jimmie Eugene (Doctor ) Son-in-law

GILL, Kieran Clanden Great-Grandson

GILL, Roger Eugene Grandson

GILLIAM, Cody James Oliver Great-Grandson

GILLIAM, Joshua Sean Great-Grandson

GILLIAM, Michael Lee Husband of Granddaughter

GLOVER, Ester May Mother of Daughter-in-law

GOLEMAN, Debbie Wife of Great-Grandson

GORDON, Donald Levan Husband of Great-Granddaughter

GRAY, Bruce Brother

GRAY, Carol Niece

GRAY, Clara Myrtle Self

GRAY, Edward Luxford Jr. Nephew

GRAY, Edward Luxford Sr. Brother

GRAY, George Charles Godwin Father

GRAY, Ivy Lee Sister

GRAY, Olivia Paige Niece

GRAY, Susie Sister

HACKNEY, Sarah Ethel Mother of Daughter-in-law

HAMM, Joy Carlene Wife of Great-Grandson

HINKSON, Blake Alexander 2nd Great-Grandson

HINKSON, Marco Trenton Husband of Great-Granddaughter

HINKSON, Trent Anthony 2nd Great-Grandson

HOLLINGSWORTH, Annie Mae Wife of Brother-in-law

HOLZAPFEL, Adelina M. Mother of Son-in-law

HOLZAPFEL, William Jack Sr. (Lt. Colonel ) Father of Son-in-law

HOLZAPFEL, William Jack Jr. (Colonel ) Son-in-law

HOPSON, Leta Ann Wife of Grandson

HOUCHINS, William N. Jr. (Mr. ) Husband of Niece

HOWARD, H. A. Husband of Sister-in-law

HUITT, Laura Catherine Wife of Grandson

IRBY, Elizabeth 5th Great-Grandmother

JAY, Sherry Melissa Wife of Grandson

JENSEN, Aaron Mark Grandson

JENSEN, Harold Mathew Father of Son-in-law

JENSEN, John Harold Son-in-law

JENSEN, Tracey Lynn Granddaughter

JESSUP, Kenneth Marshall Father of Daughter-in-law

JESSUP, Nancy Louise Daughter-in-law

KAVANAGH, Emily Michele Great-Granddaughter

KAVANAGH, Jacob Scott Great-Grandson

KAVANAGH, Kevin Scott Husband of Granddaughter

KAVANAGH, Luke Andrew Great-Grandson

KAVANAGH, Nicholas Alan Great-Grandson

KEY, Larry Wallace Husband of Granddaughter

KLUCK, William Husband of Niece

KOHLER, Katherine Marie Wife of Grandson

KUTZER, Karl Randal Husband of Great-Granddaughter

KUTZER, Karl Remington 2nd Great-Grandson

LAFOREST, Joseph Aureal Father of Daughter-in-law

LAFOREST, Marjorie Blanchard Daughter-in-law

LEE, David Dwayne Great-Grandson

LEE, David Howard Husband of Granddaughter

LEE, Debra J. Wife of Grandson

LEE, Jacqueline Great-Granddaughter

LINTON, Alexandra Louise 2nd Great-Granddaughter

LINTON, Charles Edward Father of Son-in-law

LINTON, Karen Ann Great-Granddaughter

LINTON, Kenneth Edward Grandson

LINTON, Kirk Louis Son-in-law

LINTON, Nancy Suzanne Great-Granddaughter

LINTON, Terry Louis Grandson

LINTON, Travis Louis Great-Grandson

LINTON, Wade Farris Great-Grandson

LYTLE, Robert Charles II Husband of Great-Granddaughter

LYTLE, Robert Charles III 2nd Great-Grandson

MARTIN, James Oscar Father of Daughter-in-law

MARTIN, Ora Gail Wife of Brother-in-law

MARTIN, Vera Lee Daughter-in-law

McMILLAN, Duke Husband of Granddaughter

MIESKI, Christopher Norris Great-Grandson

MIESKI, Melissa Marie Great-Granddaughter

MIESKI, Theodore John IV Great-Grandson

MIESKI, Theodore John III Husband of Granddaughter

MIESKI, Timothy Great-Grandson

MOTLEY, Leslie Michelle Great-Granddaughter

MOTLEY, Richard Lee Husband of Granddaughter

MURRAY, Alice Niece

MURRAY, Bruce Jay Nephew

MURRAY, Catherine Niece

MURRAY, Ivy Lee Niece

MURRAY, Jan GrandNiece

MURRAY, John Nephew

MURRAY, Margaret Niece

MURRAY, Olivia Niece

MURRAY, Paige GrandNiece

MURRAY, Raymond B. Brother-in-law

MURRAY, Raymond John Sr. Nephew

MURRAY, Raymond John Jr. GrandNephew

MURRAY, Ruth Niece

NELSON, Jeanne Marie Wife of Grandson

NIX, Terri Wife of Great-Grandson

NORTON, Cecil Father of Daughter-in-law

NORWOOD, Carmen Victoria Granddaughter

NORWOOD, David Ray Grandson

NORWOOD, Emmit Clarence Father of Son-in-law

NORWOOD, Lydia Alyce Great-Granddaughter

NORWOOD, Otha L. Son-in-law

NORWOOD, Sherry Lee Granddaughter

NORWOOD, William Lewis Gaines Great-Grandson

O'CONNELL, Harry Barthomew Husband of Sister-in-law

PARKER, Lillian Wife of Brother-in-law

PETTY, Christine Betty Wife of Grandson

PULLIAM, Nicholas James Father of Daughter-in-law

PULLIAM, Rita Aline Daughter-in-law

PURCA, Crystal Lucille Mother of Daughter-in-law

PURYEAR, Andrew Nolen Great-Grandson

PURYEAR, Austin Lee Great-Grandson

PURYEAR, Kathaleen Annette Great-Granddaughter

PURYEAR, Robert Nolen (Minister ) Husband of Granddaughter

RAGSDALE, Bobbie Lougenia Wife of Grandson

REREJUSTE, Gee Husband of Great-Granddaughter

ROBINSON, Autumn Diane Great-Granddaughter

ROBINSON, Creation Marie Great-Granddaughter

ROBINSON-REREJUSTE, Shaylla Marie 2nd Great-Granddaughter

ROBINSON-REREJUSTE, Terrance Sakur 2nd Great-Grandson

ROYAL, Mary Diane 6th Great-Grandmother

RUH, William E. Jr. Husband of Granddaughter

RUSHING, Cecil Jay Husband of Granddaughter

RUSHING, Justin Tate Great-Grandson

RUSHING, Trenton Jay Great-Grandson

RUSHING, Tyler Jake Great-Grandson

RUSSELL, Ella Fay Mother of Daughter-in-law

RUSSELL, Ruth Kathryn Wife of Grandson

SADLER, Almmedia Sister

SADLER, Annanias Nias  (adopted) Father

SADLER, Bertha Owen (adopted) Sister

SADLER, Carlton Edward (adopted) Brother

SADLER, Edith Oliva (adopted) Sister and wife of uncle

SADLER, Lloyd Paul (adopted) Brother

SADLER, Margart Olvia (Adopted) Niece

SADLER, Maude Bessie (adopted) Sister

SADLER, Nettie Mae (adopted) Sister

SADLER, Norma (adopted) Niece

SADLER, Richard (adopted) Grandfather

SADLER, Roland Elton (adopted) Brother

SAINT AMEND, Pamela Wife of Grandson

SCHUTTE, Katrinka Catherine Mary Wife of Brother-in-law

SHIVERS, Claude L. Father of Son-in-law

SHIVERS, Debra Elaine Granddaughter

SHIVERS, Jeroll Dean Son-in-law

SHIVERS, Rebecca Darlene Granddaughter

SHOTT, Joshua Franklin Great-Grandson

SHOTT, Ross Gregory Husband of Granddaughter

SMITH, Cecil Alman Father of Daughter-in-law

SMITH, Cletha Faye Daughter-in-law

STONE, Craig Alan Husband of Great-Granddaughter

STONE, Jacob Taylor 2nd Great-Grandson

STONE, Joshua Alan 2nd Great-Grandson

STONE, Justin Tyler 2nd Great-Grandson

TERRY, Anna 3rd Great-Grandaunt

TERRY, Anna 3rd Great-Grandaunt

TERRY, Benjamin 5th Great-Grandfather

TERRY, Benjamin 4th Great-Granduncle

TERRY, Champness 3rd Great-Granduncle

TERRY, David 3rd Great-Granduncle

TERRY, Elizabeth 3rd Great-Grandaunt

TERRY, Elizabeth 4th Great-Grandaunt

TERRY, James 6th Great-Grandfather

TERRY, Joseph 4th Great-Grandfather

TERRY, Joseph 4th Great-Granduncle

TERRY, Joseph 3rd Great-Granduncle

TERRY, Keziah 4th Great-Grandaunt

TERRY, Lavinia 4th Great-Grandaunt

TERRY, Lucy 3rd Great-Grandmother

TERRY, Mary 4th Great-Grandaunt

TERRY, Mary 4th Great-Grandaunt

TERRY, Nathaniel 4th Great-Granduncle

TERRY, Peter 4th Great-Granduncle

TERRY, Robert 4th Great-Granduncle

TERRY, Sarah 4th Great-Grandaunt

TERRY, Thomas 3rd Great-Granduncle

TERRY, Thomas 3rd Great-Granduncle

THOMAS, Joe GrandNephew

THOMAS, John Sr. Husband of Niece

THOMAS, John Jr. GrandNephew

THOMAS, Karen GrandNiece

THURMAN, Anthony Kris Husband of Great-Granddaughter

THURMAN, Crystal Lynn 2nd Great-Granddaughter

THURMAN, Kimberly Jo 2nd Great-Granddaughter

TOOMBS, William Michael Husband of Great-Granddaughter

UNKNOWN, ? Sister-in-law

UNKNOWN, ? Wife of 1st Cousin

UNKNOWN, Ada Martha Mother of Son-in-law

UNKNOWN, Caralyn Mother of Son-in-law

UNKNOWN, Grace E. Mother of Daughter-in-law

UNKNOWN, Lydia Great-Grandmother

UNKNOWN, Marda Wife of Great-Grandson

UNKNOWN, Mary Louise Mother of Son-in-law

UNKNOWN, Ms 3rd Great-Grandmother

UNKNOWN, Ms Wife of Nephew

UNKNOWN, Ms Wife of Brother-in-law

UNKNOWN, Ms 2nd Great-Grandmother

UNKNOWN, Naomi Mother of Son-in-law

UNKNOWN, Nettie Wife of Grandson

UNKNOWN, Sarah F. Wife of Granduncle

UTLEY, Adrienne Darlene Great-Granddaughter

UTLEY, Jacob Matthew Great-Grandson

UTLEY, Jerry Micheal Husband of Granddaughter

UTLEY, Stuart Micheal Great-Grandson

VANDERGRIFF, Alysha Michelle Great-Granddaughter

VANDERGRIFF, David Lee Husband of Granddaughter

VILLROT, Katherine Augustine Wife of Brother-in-law

WALKER, (Mr.) 3rd Great-Grandfather

WALKER, James 3rd Great-Grandfather

WALKER, Wilmoth 2nd Great-Grandmother

WALTERS, Susan K. Wife of Grandson

WALTON, Louise Myrtle Mother of Son-in-law

WATERS, Jennifer Lynn Great-Granddaughter

WATERS, Jerry Neal Husband of Granddaughter

WATERS, Samantha 2nd Great-Granddaughter

WATERS, Vanessa Rhea Great-Granddaughter

WATERS, Vicky Leann Key Great-Granddaughter

WEBB, Elizabeth 3rd Great-Grandmother

WESTBROOK, Lisa Wife of Grandson

WHITT, Lorraine Mother of Son-in-law

WIDDECKE, Patricia Ann Wife of Grandson

WIGGINS, Sonya G. Wife of Great-Grandson

WILEY, James G. Husband of Granddaughter

WILEY, Jeremy Eric Great-Grandson

WILLIAMS, Alice J. Aunt

WILLIAMS, Catherine C. Great-Grandaunt

WILLIAMS, Clarence Miller 1st Cousin

WILLIAMS, Crawford (Doctor ) 2nd Great-Granduncle

WILLIAMS, David Champness 2nd Great-Granduncle

WILLIAMS, Edward G. Uncle

WILLIAMS, Edward Tarrant Granduncle

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Great-Grandaunt

WILLIAMS, Emmy Lou 1st Cousin once removed *

WILLIAMS, James Mastin Sr. 2nd Great-Grandfather

WILLIAMS, James Mastin Jr. Great-Granduncle

WILLIAMS, John (Colonel ) Great-Granduncle

WILLIAMS, John 2nd Great-Granduncle

WILLIAMS, John Grandfather

WILLIAMS, Joseph Terry 2nd Great-Granduncle

WILLIAMS, Lewis 2nd Great-Granduncle

WILLIAMS, Lula Virginia Mother

WILLIAMS, Martha Great-Grandaunt

WILLIAMS, Martha Matilda Grandaunt


WILLIAMS, Polly Great-Grandaunt

WILLIAMS, Robert Walker Great-Granduncle

WILLIAMS, Russell G. Uncle

WILLIAMS, Sarah C. Great-Grandaunt

WILLIAMS, Susannah 2nd Great-Grandaunt

WILLIAMS, Thomas Great-Granduncle

WILLIAMS, Thomas Terry 2nd Great-Granduncle

WILLIAMS, Thomas Terry 2nd Great-Granduncle

WILLIAMS, Virginia Wilmoth Grandaunt

WILLIAMS, William 3rd Great-Grandfather

WILLIAMS, William Mastin Jr. Granduncle

WILLIAMS, William Mastin Sr. Great-Grandfather

WILLIAMS, William Mastin 2nd Great-Granduncle

WILLIAMS, Wilmouth M. Great-Grandaunt

WOODS, Glenda Beatrice Daughter-in-law

WOODS, Roy Wesley Father of Daughter-in-law

WUNDERLICH, Carl Martin Great-Grandson

WUNDERLICH, Lynn Carl Husband of Granddaughter

YEAGLER, Janette Wife of Grandson

ZAGGLE, Carla Leigh Wife of Grandson

Relationships to Clara Myrtle GRAY

Terry Louis Linton © 2009

Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication © 2009

Produced by Legacy on May 28, 2009