John LINTON (1662-1709)

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John LINTON (1662-1709) & Rebekah RELFE (1670-1714)

The Quaker emigrants


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John LINTON (1662-1709) & Rebekah RELFE (1670-1714)

The Quaker emigrants

4th great-grandparents of Charles Edward LINTON (1890-1958)

5th great-grandparents of Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987)


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John LINTON (1661/62-1709) & Rebekah RELFE (1670-1713/14) the emigrants. 


John was born on December 21, 1662, in Lowe Crosby, County Cumberland, England. This area is now known as County Cumbria.


John Linton of Lowe Crosby, late of Wigton was the son of Roger Linton, according to the Longnewton Friends Meeting Marriage Registry.


According to the Friends records at Longnewton Meeting, London, England, Rebekah Relfe was born March 31, 1672, in Wigton, England. Rebekah had resided in Wigton, Tiffinthwaite, Holmes and Longnewton meeting regions. Rebekah was the daughter of William and Mable Relfe (Relf). William Relfe was a very well to do London Baker. William and Mable were members of the Religious Society of friends. Rebecca was a member of the Friends of all her life.


John and Rebekah received a Certificate of Removal dated June 25, 1699 from the Friends Longnewton Monthly Meeting, in London, England for the family to remove to America.


According to the Quaker records at the Philadelphia Historical Society, Rebecca's Certificate of Removal received at the Philadelphia Friends Monthly Meeting House 1682‑1750 states "she came of believing parents and was educated in Ye Way of Truth from childhood."


Rebecca Linton received a Certificate of Removal from the Dubling Monthly Meeting on June 3, 1709. [Falls Monthly Meeting House records] She married Robert Sanders of Bucks County at the Buckingham Friends Meeting House. This was later known as Falls Meeting House.


According to the Colonial Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania, John Linton was a "Quaker minister, closely associated with William Penn, both in England and Pennsylvania. Both were members of the Longnewton Friends Monthly Meeting in London and sailed together on board the “Canterbury."


John Linton and wife, Rebecca, late of Wigton, received an Certificate of Removal, from the Quaker Longnewton Monthly Meeting, England, dated 25th Day 6th  month, 1699. "He walked amongst us these several years" "She came of Believing parents and was educated in Ye Way of Truth from childhood."  [Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, 1682‑1750, Certificates of Removal]


John bound himself out to serve seven years to the carpenter trade in London, England.


John Linton and his family immigrated from London England to America on board the Canterbury, with William Penn. They landed at Newcastle, Delaware in November 1699. Then sailed on to Philadelphia. They landed in Philadelphia on December 10, 1699. It was William Penn's second trip to Pennsylvania. William Penn was a member of the Longnewton Friends Meeting..


John Linton and Rebecca received a Certificate of Removal from the Dubling Monthly meeting House on June 7, 1709.


John Linton's Will was dated November 1, 1708 and recorded in Buckingham Township Bucks County.  The actual Will of John Linton is on display at the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania., in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


The Will of John Linton (1662-1709): This 1st Day of 4th Mo. called Jany, 1708, I John Linton, of Ye Township of Buckingham, being sick in body but prospered and whole in mind, do make this my Last Will & Testament as followeth: First, I leave my soul to Almighty God Yt gave it me & my body to be buried according to Ye Discretion of my Ex. & for my worldly Goods, I dispose of them as followeth, it being Yt I have no Title to my land Yt is now in my possession. I Will Yt my wife, Rebecca, take title thereof in her own name. And my Will is Yt if my son Joseph lives to Ye age of Twenty one years Yt he shall have one hundred acres of Ye said Land surveyed of Ye Lower end of it for his own proper use. And if it shall happen Yt my widow Die before my son, Joseph comes to Ye age of Twenty one years my Will is Yt Ye Land be sold & Ye price of, (after my debts be discharged) be equally divided amongst all my children. Lastly I leave my wife whole and sole executrix of all my estate both real and personal & of all my Goods movable and unmovable, provided she discharge all my debts & funeral expenses. John Linton (Seal) sealed signed and delivered in Ye presence of Us. His X Mark, William Cooper, Jonathan Cooper and Joseph Fell.


John Linton’s Will was Proved on November 17, 1710,  in Wrightstown. Rebeckah did receive the title to John’s track of land some time before she died.  Benjamin Chapman, sheriff, of Bucks County, on September 15, 1757, stated that a  Jericho Tract owned by the hairs of Rebeckah Linton was bounded by the Buckingham Township Line, the estate of John Bradford’s boundary line, Daniel Jackson’s boundary line and the line of the Heirs of John Atkinson. The tract  was  crossed  by  Jericho  Creek  and  contained 1342 acres.[1]


Isaiah’s grandfather, John Linton's Jericho Tract was located in the north most corner of  Wrightstown, where it meets Buckingham and  Makefield Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  William Penn=s Pennsylvania Colony was established in 1681. Bucks County was created in 1682 as one of the original three counties of the Pennsylvania Colony. Wrightstown was settled in 1684,  Buckingham was settled in 1690 and Makefield, settled in 1692. All three were incorporated as townships in 1703. Wrightstown was perched from the Indians in 1737.


The place name Jericho in Bucks County means  "in the foot hills of the historic crescent shaped Jericho Mountain Range, where Penn's Walking Purchase ended and was crossed by Jericho Creek, which empties into the Delaware River." [2] The tract was not too far from where General George Washington crossed the Delaware.




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