Bird Family Migration Routes

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Bird Family Migration Routes Project


Terry Louis Linton © 2000

Linton Research Fund Inc., © 2009

LINTON & BIRD CHRONICLES, Volume IV, Issue 1, Spring 2009, ISSN 1941-3521

updated  December 31, 2017




Editor Note:  This project is a daily on-going-work-in-progress


We are continuing the documenting of the migration routes of the sixteen children of Jeff Augustus Bird (1893-1954) and Clara Myrtle Gray (1900-1988).


For many years, our BIRD Family could only be traced back to the New Amsterdam Colony, with my 6th great-grandfather & 6th great-grandmother, Andrew Bird, Jr. (1673-1722) & Mary Katrun "Kuver" Covert (1689-1723).


Dublin, Ireland 


I have just discovered and documented the  new 7th great-grandparents of Thomas Jefferson BIRD (1861-1931)

Thomas BIRD Sr., (1600–1662) &  Mary BELDEN (1600–1664) “the Irish emigrants”



Massachusetts Bay Colony


 Thomas BIRD Sr., (1600–1662) &  Mary BELDEN (1600–1664) emigrated to Masschusetts in 1631.  (Work-in-progress)



Hartford Colony


Our BIRD family line emigrated to America between 1626 and 1630. Thomas BIRD (1637-1713), of Duiblin, came by way of the Hartford Bay Company, and settled in the Hartford Colony. This is present day Hartford, Connecticut area. John took up the fur trapping and fur trading trades.


Fort Orange


The family moved west and settled in the Dutch Colony of Fort Orange. According to the records of Fort Orange, Thomas & John Bird, fur trappers, of Harford Colony had fur dealings with many French, Dutch, Swedish and English fur traders there. This area is the present day Albany County, New York.



New Amsterdam Colony



Thomas & John BIRD resettled thier familyies down to the New Amsterdam Colony, located on Manhattan Island, New York. They established thier fur trading business there. They moved the family and settled in the near by, Nassau Colony. John died on his plantation farm in Livingston, Nassau Colony, Long Island, New York.


East New Jersey Colony


My 6th great-grandfather & mother, Andrew BIRD (1673-1723) and Mary Katrun (Kuver) (Koevers) COVERT (1689-1723) resettled in the East New Jersey Colony. Andrew was born on his father’s plantation in Oyster Bay, Nassau Colony, Long Island, New York. Mary Katrun was born at Dutch Kills, Queens, Nassau Colony, Long Island, New York. Mary Katrun was of Danish and Swedish decent. The family resettled to Hopewell, on the Millstone River, in present day, Raritan, Somerset County, New Jersey.



Morlatton Colony


My 5th great-grandfather, Ironmaster, William BIRD (1706-1761), resettled in Morlatton Colony, Philadelipha County, Pennsylvania, now present day Berks County. William established Birdsboro in Berks County. This Bird Family Branch descendants, scattered out and settled in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina Colonies.

Shenandoah Valley Virginia

My 5th great-granduncles, Andrew BIRD III (1702-1749), John BIRD (1705-1756) and Abraham BIRD (1710-1750) all resettled their families to Augusta County, Virginia. They settled on Smiths Creek, on Craney Island, in what is Rockingham County Virginia. These Bird families established many iron furnaces, iron works and water grist mills in Virginia. After the first French and Indian War, this Bird Family Branch descendants scattered out to settle in Kentucky County, Ohio County, and Tennessee County, Virginia Colony



Georgia Colony

My 5th great-granduncle, Burgoin BIRD (1707-1767), established him self as a prominent person, in Hopewell, Millstone River, Raritan, Somerset County, New Jersey. Burgoin resettling his family to Black Creek, on the Ogeehee River, in Saint Phillips Parish, Bulloch County, Georgia Colony. This Bird Family Branch descendants scattered out to settle in Alabama and South Carolina.



Continuing Research


We are continuing the documenting of the migration routes of our BIRD and alined Families. To be continued! Terry L. Linton, January 5, 2018