Isaiah LINTON (1739-1775)

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Welcome to the LINTON Chronicles

Master millwright Isaiah LINTON (1739-1775)

(Brief Lineage Heritage)

Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication 1987-2020 "Digging for our Roots"


Quaker master millwright Isaiah LINTON (1739-1775)

 (Brief Lineage Heritage)


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Isaiah LINTON (1739-1775) Quaker master millwright, was the son of John LINTON & Elizabeth HAYHURST. Isaiah was born on November 15, 1739, in Wrightstown Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, died on November 26, 1775 in Joppa, Hartford County, Maryland, at age 36. He was buried on November 28, 1775, in the Forest Quaker Meeting House Cemetery, Baltimore County, Maryland.


Isaiah married Sarah HIRST (1742-1823) on October 24, 1764, in the Wrightstown Quaker Meeting House, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Sarah was the daughter of John HIRST preacher & Mary Anna JARRETT emigrant.  Sarah was born on February 23, 1742, in Wrightstown Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania and died on June 19, 1823 in Wrightstown Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, at age 81. Sarah was buried on June 21, 1823 in the Wrightstown Quaker Meeting House Cemetery, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.


Isaiah & Sarah had five known children:


Laura Ellicott LINTON (1766–1825); Thomas LINTON (1768–1829); James LINTON (1769–1854); William LINTON (1772–1848); Sarah LINTON (1774–1817)




Direct ascending Linage Line of Isaiah LINTON (1739-1775):


24th great-grandfather: Gaulter "Walter" de SÉMERVILLE (1000-1049) Lord

23rd great-grandfather: Gaulter de SÉMERVILLE (1030-1097) Sir knight, Lord, Baron Wychnor

22nd great-grandfather: Gaulter "Walter" de SÉMERVILLE (1071-1165) Baron Wychnor

21st great-grandfather: Roger “Rogier” SOMERVILLE (1118-1195) Baron Wychnor

20th great-grandfather: John SOMERVILLE (1150-1194) Baron Linton

19th great-grandfather: William SOMERVILLE (1175-1215) Lord van Linton

18th great-grandfather: William SOMERVILLE (1198-1230) 4th Baron of Linton

17th great-grandfather: William Van SOMERVILLE (1223-1283) Baron Lintone, Lord of Somerville

16th great-grandfather: Phillip de LINTON (1251-1330) Constable of Berwick

15th great-grandfather: Richard de LINTON (1273-1325) Baron

14th great-grandfather: William de LINTON (1297-1325)

13th great-grandfather: William de LINTON (1318-1339)

12th great-grandfather: William de LINTON (1340-1400)

11th great-grandfather: William LINTON (1364-?) Sir knight, Lord

10th great-grandfather: William LINTON (1385-?) Sir Knight

9th great-grandfather: Richard LINTON (1415-1471) Baron

8th great-grandfather: Richard LINTON (1445-1484) Baron

7th great-grandfather: Arthur LINTON (1475-1538) Baron

6th great-grandfather: Arthur LINTON (1505-1585) Laird Traquir

5th great-grandfather: Walter LINTON (1533-1633) Earl of Traquair, Lord Under Commissioner of the Scottish Treasury

4th great-grandfather: John LINTON (1560-1632) Baron of Caberston

3rd great-grandfather: Arthur LINTON (1590-1646) Baron

2nd great-grandfather: Arthur LINTON (1622-1696) Baron

Great-grandfather: Roger LINTON (1641-1715) Baron

Grandfather: John LINTON (1662-1709) Quaker carpenter, emigrate, planter

Father: John LINTON Jr., (1706-1761) Quaker elder, planter

Isaiah LINTON (1739-1775) Quaker master millwright





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